Dry cleaning of carpets and carpeting
A clean carpet is a special piece of interior design that makes a room feel cozy and warm. Take care of your favorite carpet and order its dry cleaning to prolong its life and give it a fresh look.
Dry cleaning of furniture and floor coverings
An effective way to make a carpet or rug look new and easily refresh the overall look of a room
Carpets and rugs are often the source of unpleasant odors in a room, because they are like sponges that absorb everything that gets on them
Low-pile carpets and rugs are particularly susceptible to "fading" due to dirt that has settled on them
Stain removal
Offsetting odor
Restore color
Carpet dry cleaning from INHOME
We have extensive experience in carpet and rug cleaning and can remove stains of almost any origin
Cleaning a medium-sized carpet will take no more than 1.5 hours, and a clean carpet will be pleasing to your eye again for months to come
We do not accept 50% results and always do the best we can
Experienced professionals
Fast results
Only top quality
Dog rug
Carpet from 15 sqm
Carpet 5-15 sqm
Carpet dry cleaning prices
Check out our prices for carpet and rug dry cleaning. It is worth remembering that sometimes even the smallest, but so dear to you carpet can take more time to clean than a huge carpet in the living room, everything is very individual and the final price you will always be informed by the master upon arrival.
from 89 Kč/m2
from 300 Kč
from 1400 Kč
Carpet 1-5 sqm
from 800 Kč
Child car seat
from 300 Kč
Carpet up to 1 sqm
from 350 Kč
When working we use the most modern German and Italian equipment, which is designed for maximum quality and gentle cleaning of all types of furniture surfaces. As means for cleaning surfaces we use professional compositions, which are designed to clean specific types of surfaces, certain types of stains and odors
Our dry-cleaning staff
How do we clean carpets?
Initial vacuum cleaning using a vacuum cleaner to remove debris, dust and wool from the surface. This step also addresses specific contaminants such as chewing gum
Applying stain removers to remove the most stubborn and invasive soiling.
Removing detergent residue
Conditioning the carpet using special products to eliminate static and freshen the color
Final drying of the carpet
Cleaning with a rotary machine, using brushes, PADs and washing vacuum cleaner
Order furniture dry cleaning right now!
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© 2023, INHOME
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